This is the reason many people give discounts to their customers

Marketing or promotion is something you must do well. One of them is by attending a bazaar. When deciding to take part in a bazaar, then you must also choose the right tent for the bazaar. The tent must be able to print the name of the product or company you are running. At you can also get it.

When doing the bazaar, don’t forget to give discounts on some products. This is the most classic way to do in a product promotion strategy. But no doubt about its efficacy, it has been proven that this way can bring many consumers. But remember to still be careful and full of speculation when listing a price.
Think about whether if we give a price that much is covered by all expenses. And can bring benefits to ourselves even if only a little, because if the discounted price has a distance that is far enough from the original price, it could not be you who are profitable but instead stumped.