Things you need to know about classical music


Classical music is one of the latest nigerian music that has existed for centuries ago. Literally original understanding, classical music is a composition of music originating or born from European culture, precisely in the range of 1750-1825. But along with the development of this era of understanding began to be re-negotiated. Apart from that, don’t forget to check out the latest naija music as well.


What is the reason? It’s because that means the music of classical music created in the years after that is considered not classical music. Now, this is what had become a debate so that it made another meaning about classical music which states that classical music is all music that has the high intellectual beauty of all ages. It all depends on the side where someone enjoys the music.

If you enjoy music from intellectual elements, then the music of 20th centuries modern works such as Kitaro, Richard Clayderman, Yanni, and Enya can be classified as classical music. However, if someone still clings to the first opinion, the music mentioned above is not classical music. For this reason, a separate music genre is available, namely the new-age music genre or can also be classified as art music.

Unfortunately, many young people today are starting to forget and are not interested in this type of music. whereas this music has great benefits if one can enjoy this music correctly.

Then what are the tips for listening to good classical music? Some of these tips will make you enjoy classical music more:

To enjoy this type of classical music first, you are required to know the music terms first. like form sonata, symphony, concerto, Fuga / fugue, opera, minuet, oratorio and so on.

It is also possible to recognize various types of instruments played on classical music ranging from the names of the instruments used, types of sounds, to the characteristics of the sounds issued by musical instruments.

You can also start to recognize from the side of the conductor, vocals, to understanding classical music where the intro is, where the coda, mood, tempo and so on