The three early steps for hunting a job

At this time it is not easy to get a job. Many applicants who sometimes have not had the fortune of getting a job that they really want. So here are some techniques for applying for a good job & job interview, as follows. On the other hand, perhaps you need to go to to find a job which suits you online.

The first step that must be done in applying for a job is to look for job information sources such as print media, internet, career center, network, and agency (outsourcing).

The second step, choose job vacancies. Yes, choose a job that suits your abilities. There are also things that must be considered in choosing job openings, such as:

a. Look for information about the position to be chosen.

b. Looking for information about the employer company

c. It is better not to force yourself for a position.

d. Suitability between self-condition and job requirements.

The third step, make a cover letter. It should be noted in making a cover letter, such as:

a. Neutral colored paper

b. Standard font type and size

c. A4 paper size

d. Application letter and curriculum vitae are typed neatly, concisely and clearly (include the intended position, date & signature, address & place of residence, telephone number that can be contacted and use language that is easy to understand).