Damages that may happen to the delivered items

Online store business can certainly not be separated from the name packaging. There are several online stores that have their own package services, but some are relying on package services from third parties. Each package service has its own way to package the package to be sent. Meanwhile, we also recommend you to use Trasportify whenever you want to send your items. It’s licensed, trusted, and also have satisfied so many people and companies alike.

It cannot be denied the possibility of packet damage can occur during the shipping process due to several factors including:


Please note if the packing material’s strength in holding the pressure from outside varies. So if the shipment package has a lot of heaps from other heavier objects, it could be that not only the outer packaging is damaged, the objects inside are also likely to be damaged. Therefore it is important to package the shipment with materials that can withstand pressure.

Vibration, Shocks, and Clashes

This cause is commonly experienced by package services whose shipment packages fall when there is a loading or unloading process. Usually the shipment package by land route is damaged due to road conditions. That’s why it’s important for you to package the shipment with material that can minimize vibration.

Wet or moist

There are certain types of items that can be damaged by exposure to water or humid conditions. This possibility is not only experienced in shipping sea transportation but sometimes landline package service couriers can experience it too if the road conditions that are being passed experience a flood situation. Automatic risk of being exposed to water or moisture can occur. Therefore you have to make sure that you pack the shipment with materials that are anti-water.

To avoid or at least minimize the possibility of damage to the package being sent, you must first know the characteristics of the item to be packaged and pay attention to what type of material will be packaged in the package to be shipped.