How Drug Abuse Leads to Unwanted Condition

When you are seeking out info from, does it mean that you are seeking the treatment for someone or yourself? The drug abuse seems like the problem many people face these things. Such that condition can lead the addict to unwanted health conditions. The drugs used do not only have a bad impact on the appearance of the addict, because certain diseases are known to often lurk in these compactors. What are they? The decrease of cognitive abilities become one of the problems that lurk drug addicts.

Some drugs are more at risk to the brain such as the ability to think and remember or cognitive decline, for teenagers usually the school performance decreases. Almost all drugs can have a bad impact on the brain and cognitive abilities, such as ecstasy that makes people lose memory for a long time, unable to think, ecstasy makes it difficult to concentrate, marijuana causes disruption of perception and thinking, and methamphetamine that causes neurological disorders.