This is the History of Beings That Are Often On Halloween

When Halloween arrived, everyone celebrated it with great fanfare. In fact, some of them made special parties to celebrate the day. Many also use masky na halloween to add a scary impression on an event. This is mostly done by everyone.

On Halloween, there are many creatures that are usually related to Halloween, like

1. Vampires
They will suck your blood. Dracula appeared in folklore for thousands of years, dating from the 18th century and 19th century myths in Eastern Europe. It is believed that someone who is born with disability or irregular death, after burial, rises back to terrorize humans. Dracula requires human blood to stay alive. In myth, a Dracula can be killed by sticking a cross in the heart.

2. Witch
The myth is better known as a black pointed hat and nose wart. In the past, magicians were considered to have magical powers related to the natural world. A hunt that reached its peak in medieval Europe and 17th century America.