Successful NLP Technical Secrets


Running NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques for beginners sometimes often fails. Even though flying hours are high practice, sometimes failures often occur when handling patients. Especially for those of you who use hypnosis techniques to treat patients. Visit our website to join NLP courses.

From the beginning it was developed by Dr. Richard Bandler and Leslie Cameron Bandler, NLP continues to be developed so that it is close to perfection. Many cases, with the same technique, has been successfully carried out on hundreds or even thousands of people but in certain people, it has failed. The results of further studies from various subjects indicate that there are special people who do the screening process, process and sort information in different ways.

Leslie’s research results show that there are at least 60 factors that influence the process of receiving someone’s information. These 60 factors were then known as metaprogram which are derivatives of 2 universal processes of thought, namely deletion, generalization, and distortion.

Broadly speaking, metaprogram is defined as the way a person processes, filters and sorts information that will form internally to its behavior. This metaprogram will decide what is considered and not by someone and controlled by the subconscious. The meaning of the word “Meta” is above, so it is known as a program above or beyond other programs.

NLP practitioners must know the patient or client’s metaprogram by reading when forming a rapport building. If he can find out earlier, the next step can be to establish harmony with the patient or client metaprogram.

Even so, metaprogram is not a permanent character or trait but a tendency that sometimes occurs, not a personality. It may be that in certain contexts someone is different in mindset. For that before embedding ideas in the client, make sure you know the mindset of the idea. If you do it right it will definitely work.