Don’t Forget Checking the Self Storage Units Security System Before Using It

Security systems are one of the things that need to be considered in choosing self-storage units. Many companies rent out self-storage, one of which is North Phoenix Self Storage. Various kinds of facilities are offered, including security facilities that guarantee that these items are not easily stolen. Self-storage is usually used by people who are looking for a new home or are renovating a house so that they need space to accommodate items.


To maintain security, self-storage managers usually install surveillance cameras to record activities in every corner of the room. This is a form of service to remain trusted by customers. In addition to surveillance cameras, there are several other security systems that you should consider when choosing self-storage units. Because you will put valuables there, you definitely don’t want the item to be damaged or stolen by someone else:

– Fire Protection
Pay attention to the completeness of the fire protection owned by the self-storage manager. Maybe it’s not your property that burned but instead belongs to someone else. Ask management about first aid if a fire occurs. Also, ask the distance of the fire department to self-storage. The faster the fire extinguisher arrives, the safer your item will be.

– Guards
If the self-storage you rent has a security guard, ask what type of training they have received. Do they often go around to ensure security? Can they catch thieves quickly? Because they will be responsible for the police on the way. Don’t let them be careless so that intruders use it to enter self-storage easily.

– Distance to the location of your home
Although self-storage units have a very good security system, it will be better if you often come and check your self-storage state. It also helps management to improve the quality of security. So it might be better for you to choose a self-storage location that is close to your old house or your new home.