Wh Do You Want to Live in UK?

The britishlifeskills.com is one of the sites that give you the easiness for choosing a location of English test preparation. While considering which institution to choose from, it can be a good idea to also know all about the place, where you will stay after having citizenship legal permit. There are many green and well-kept green park parks in London to the public. In the summer, the park is full of people who are sunbathing or just gathering with friends in the sun. And the good news is there are dozens of free tourist attractions in London too, so it’s not just money to travel to London. Or if you want to date with your lover or husband, in London there is also a free romantic dating place.

When talking about London behavior, then you must know this. If you want to take a Tube, they are always lining up in a regular line in no hurry to enter it. And they always put people on the train first to get out of the train and wait until no one else will come out. after that, it was their turn to enter the train.