How to Distinguish between Interpreter and Translator

So many of us mistakenly think about translators and interpreters, which makes them interpreted as interchangeable and many think that interpreters are the same as translators. Well, to straighten out these various assumptions, we try to describe them here. The interpreter is a language translator who transfers spoken language from one language to another directly (orally) at the same time or “on the spot” (right away). While the translator is an interpreter as well, but the product produced in the form of writing on a media, the task of a translator is to transfer text from the source language into the target language and have a more flexible time. You can get the best translation service on right now.

1. Interpreter

In the practice of oral translation, the translator does not have a wide opportunity to use dictionaries or other reference material when the translation takes place due to time constraints. While oral translators master the receptive level listening language. Oral translators are required to be able to express ideas in direct language orally / receptively. Oral translation requires good speaking skills (rhetoric) and clear voice. Oral translators must have the ability to make decisions quickly and directly.

2. Translator

In practice, the translator has a wide opportunity to use dictionaries or other reference materials when the translation takes place due to flexible time. Writing translators master the language of the receptive level. Writing translators must master the ability to write or express ideas in written language well (productive level). In writing translators, this is not needed in writing the translation. Writing translators do not have to have this ability because they must be able to make use of other dictionaries or references correctly.

Interpreter and Translator Equations

Translate from one language to another
Have a good grammar
Having knowledge about culture
Have good passive language knowledge from the language they work on
Have good language mastery
Have sufficient knowledge about the translated text or speech
Know how to translate.