Gazebo Material: The Different Types of Wood You Can Choose

Want to add a gazebo tents for sale, as a place to relax in your home garden? Do not forget! You may not underestimate the selection of material to be used. Moreover, this small space will continue to be hit by drastic changes in the weather. Actually, there are many ingredients that you can use, such as bamboo, iron, glass, or stone. However, most gazebos are usually designed using wood, which is famous for its warmth. Before building it, first, check what wood you can use for the gazebo. Check out the following:

1. Teak wood

The stem is large, straight, and can grow as high as 30m – 40m is the character of teak trees. Certainly, if you use this type of wood, the gazebo in your home will be strong and durable. Not only that, teak wood is resistant to fire, heat, and water so that it is suitable for garden gazebos which are often exposed to weather changes. However, unfortunately, you have to spend more to buy this material, because the price is very expensive.

2. Merbau wood
Hard, strong, stable and durable, are some of the advantages of this wood. Merbau has also been proven to be resistant to insects, and the quality is as good as teak wood. No wonder, this wood is suitable for use in the tropics. To shape the atmosphere, the reddish brown color can bring a warm atmosphere to your home gazebo.

3. Sonokeling wood
With beautiful purple fiber in purplish black or black, this wood can also be an option for your gazebo material. Its properties are also strong and durable so it is suitable for use outdoors. Unfortunately, this type of wood is hard to come by on the market.

4. Coconut wood
This wood can also be used as a gazebo material in your home. Not inferior to teak wood, this wood also has many advantages that can promote good quality gazebo, such as strong, easy to reach, heat and water resistant.