Server location, speed, and bandwidt are crucial hosting elements

Let’s discuss why I use the above parameters when choosing web hosting and you can do the same thing instead of checking the features comparison of each seller. Meanwhile, go to if you want to find a great web hosting service near your location.

Why Is Choosing Hosting Important?

I liken hosting to be like a foundation on a plot of land, just as the foundation of a hosting has an important role to keep the website online.

“The ugly foundation of the building collapsed, the ugly hosting of the website continues offline”

Server Hosting Location

Most hosting providers offer server locations for our website both at home and abroad.

Which one should you choose? Select according to the target market.

If the website is shown to people in the country, you can choose a location in Indonesia, but if your website is for foreigners, you can choose from abroad.

Just like if you want to buy/rent a shop, that location is important!

Speed and Bandwidth

Do you want your website to be accessed sooner or later? I’m sure you will answer quickly, then you need hosting that provides good speed.

The speed of visitor access is important because if not the next time visitors usually press the close or back button. So, choose hosting that gives unlimited bandwidth so that your website isn’t slow later.