Online Selling Advantages on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media in the world with 2 billion active users. This shows that this social networking site owned by Mark Zuckerberg is still a favorite of the majority of internet users. Facebook’s popularity is certainly an attraction for business people to sell online. If you can use it well, you can make a big profit by selling through Facebook. Moreover, Facebook also does not charge fees for those who sell, unless you advertise to promote your business. Visit our website if you are interested in auto liker service.

However, Facebook has a disadvantage for those of you who prefer to use a smartphone to sell, because the placement of the buttons on the mobile display does not all appear on the homepage like when you open it via a PC. This might be a little more complicated if you use Facebook via mobile. However, there are many advantages or advantages when marketing products or services on Facebook, here are some of them:

– The Quality of the Image Does Not Change

You can upload many product photos at once into the gallery. The product photo that you upload will also not change its quality. Image resolution remains the same as the original. The details of the image can be seen clearly so that it makes it easier for consumers to determine purchase decisions.

– Can Upload Long-Term Videos

Promotional video marketing strategies have become a trend on the internet. You can use it on your Facebook Fanpage. Make interesting creative video content. Duration is free because Facebook does not limit the duration like on Instagram which is only a maximum of one minute. So, you can more comfortably upload long-term promotional videos on Facebook.

– Can Do Long Product Review

You can review at length about your product. This makes it easy for you to convey to consumers clearly about the product description, its advantages, how much it costs, how to buy, and so on. However, pay attention to the selection of words so people are interested in reading them out.